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A certified translation is an important document. If you need a translation certified and notarized, then it is for an important purpose. The translation will be submitted to officials together with the original document, but since most officials cannot read the original document, they will concentrate on the translation. You therefore want to make the best impression right from the beginning by being sure that the quality of the translation and its appearance are the best you can get.

Remember that the translation is representing you!

Certification of Translations to Meet Official Requirements. I prepare my certified translations to meet usual requirements of the USA and Canada. The requirements in some countries of Europe and elsewhere, however, differ from those in North America. It is always a good idea to check for special requirements to avoid any possible problems.

My method of assuring the best quality. I have long years of experience in translating most types of materials and normally translate only into my native language of American English.
(You can review my qualifications and experience here.) I find communication to be very important while I am doing the actual translation and I will contact you as required, usually by email, with any questions that arise. This avoids any misunderstanding by me of any of the materials you have given me. We both want the translation to be as perfect as possible.

My translation format. I prepare a translation in a format that reasonably follows that of the original document. That makes it relatively easy for the official receiving the translation to compare it to text in the original document, which is sometimes necessary. The translation is labeled at the top of the first page as "translation from ....", so that it is not mistaken for an original document. All pages are numbered and the last page will have a certification statement to be signed by the translator and witnessed by a sworn notary. The translation bears stamps of both the translator and the notary.

The appearance of the translation is important. I use high-quality stationery-grade paper (either US letter-size or A4) for printing out translations of certificates and other appropriate documents. Other translations are on heavier plain paper. I provide two copies of each certified translation. Additional copies can be ordered at a small extra cost. For mailing, the translations are enclosed in sheet protectors and then placed flat in a large envelope. This ensures that the translation you receive is worthy of your intended purpose. Shipment is usually by first class mail within the USA or air mail to destinations outside of the country. Special arrangements for faster delivery can be made, if desired.

Additional certified copies of translations can also be provided later. If, at some future date, you find that you need more copies of a certified translation that I have prepared, I can usually provide them at a much lower cost than the original translation, as I probably still have the file on my computer.

Net result: highest quality professional translations at a very reasonable price. You would expect these extra touches that are not included by most translators would make for an expensive product. But that is not the case. You receive a translation that you will be proud to present with your original document to anyone (it sometimes looks better than the original) at an excellent price. Discounts are available in many cases. Contact me for information concerning your particular situation. Upon review of your documents, I will give you a firm price for the proposed job.

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