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My childhood: I was born in the USA and grew up in eastern North Carolina, where I spent a lot of my leisure time enjoying the abundant coastal waterways around the Albemarle Sound. But I also enjoyed learning and was an avid reader, managing to read most of the books in our small town library while still in school. I liked researching new subjects and had little difficulty in school.

Language studies: I was subsequently given the opportunity by the US government for further study at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, where I first studied Hungarian and later German. The choice of languages was partly mine and partly that of the government, based on its needs at the time. The education, through its intense method of instruction and the high quality of the instructors, was excellent. These studies were later built upon by further learning in Europe.

My time in Europe: After completing the extensive language training, I spent the next almost 25 years in Germany and western Europe using those attained skills as an officially certified linguist (both translator and interpreter) for the three languages. During that time, I married a young lady from Bavaria and we raised two sons.

Return to the USA: We eventually returned to the USA, this time to the Kansas City area. Our now-grown sons both reside nearby. Our language of the home, even here in the USA, is still German. Although, in the past few years, my spoken Hungarian has deteriated somewhat through lack of opportunity to speak it, my translation capabilities have actually improved from both Hungarian and German.

My reference materials: I have translated many subjects over the years and have built a very good library for that purpose. My reference materials include both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries in all three languages, plus terminology glossaries that I have personally assembled, and other reference materials, including historical atlases of the areas of interest. The subjects available to me include law, business, education, general science, general technology, telecommunications, electronics, medicine, mathematics, computer science, military, geography, and history.

For further information, you can contact me by:

telephone: (913) 682-7613
fax: (913) 682-6357

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Hans Fisher, Certified Linguist/Translator
German and Hungarian into English
Kansas City, USA